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Autovalve CC Ph. +2711 395 6991 Fx. +2786 509 1886 sales@autovalve.co.za

Unit 7, Erma Business Park 149 Main St, Pomona, Kempton Park, Gauteng

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Autovalve manufacture a wide range of linear actuators locally. We can accommodate from 100mm diameter up to 750mm diameter for the bigger valves. Our standard materials of construction are mild steel for the top, bottom and piston plates, bronze guide bushes, NBR O rings and a fibreglass barrel to prevent corrossion. We can also manufacture our actuators out of stainless steel, for those applications that would require superior corrossion resistance. Our linear actuators have been used to automate RSV’s, wedge gate, knife gate, globe, diaphragm and pinch valves. One of our specialities is the manufacture of floatation cell actuator made according to our customer’s specifications

We also offer a wide range of rack and pinion rotary actuators ranging from 15nm to over 100000nm torque. Our actuators are designed with keeping safety factors in mind by utilizing retained spring packs as well as being practical in using external travel stops. We have included a low cost range as well as a stainless steel range to suit most applications. The actuators are available in 90, 120, 145, 180 and 360 degree strokes. We also do a scotch yoke conversion on our actuators to convert them to a rotary action for use on ball, butterfly and plug valves.